Salesman Tracking System

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This is a simple tool build for small sales teams to enhance the customer services & produce sales within an organization. Strongly supports for managing customer orders, sales peoples activities effectively and enables to do their job more efficiently. Allocate persons for area specific or product specific to increase flow of sales process easily and within time space.

salesman tracking system
  • Fully Customizable
  • More Flexible for your business sales
  • Easy to use & Manage
  • Customer Management
  • Sales Team Monitoring & Management
  • Cost Effective & Reliable

Business Benefits

Have a clear overview of customers and Sales order

Multiple company names are auto generated .It’s supports for uploading customer contacts and meet customers directly before placing an order. It gives the opportunity to collect the customer feedback of the previous sales and to increase a chance new product sale.

Customer Visit Entry

Displays the face to face meeting that reveals the customer needs and placing the product order on spot to speed up the delivery time and customer satisfaction.

Order Mapping

Provides on spot order with relative price .Managing orders and controlling the order management. The orders will be placed in email or appropriate communication correspondence.

Product Order History

View your detailed sales history of the orders on customer’s specific and salesman specific deals and to measure salesman performance and order management.

Effective Team Management

Sales team has a group of persons under sales manager. Sales manager has the access to control the salespersons and monitoring their sales activities and guiding them accordingly. By involving the sales manager they keep track of sales progression, delivery plan and stock availability. The main benefits to maximizing customer experience and improving the sales process by getting the customer feedback and suggestions directly and align their strategy and sales goals.

Tracking Sales Process Easy

It combines the customer management, sales management and team performance management. By clearly viewing their records such as, customer visit, number of orders placed and the it’s associated costs. The team will proceed to plan and achieve their goals.

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