Saloon Management System

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This is a simple tool build for small sales teams to enhance the customer services & produce sales within an organization. Strongly supports for managing customer orders, sales peoples activities effectively and enables to do their job more efficiently. Allocate persons for area specific or product specific to increase flow of sales process easily and within time space.

Saloon Management System

Special Features

24/7 Appointment Scheduling

Loosing after hours appointments?

Customer frustrated while waiting on a call?

  • Customer can Book an appointment on the go, it helps them from to avoid long time waiting
  • Customer can pick a date easily in calendar view, the appointment is automatically store in their google calendar, iOS calendar etc

Customer Management

Annoyed on customer management techniques?

Hard to understand customer needs?

Customer can maintain their Profile and services, the phenomenon thing in our software is,

Create your plan

The customer can create their own Services by themselves.

  • And also they can manage by their appointment history, services offered as such
  • You can pull a recall list to engage your customer, and you can send a bulk or individual mail to your customer as well


Go green Easy calculation

  • Do not waste your cost and Time using a Billing Software for your salon/spa - ECO Friendly

We provides you an advance billing system in which you can bill your customers by online. It reduces a paper work and your work.

Employee Management

Worried about Employee performance?

Felt Difficult to Evaluate the Employee?

It clarifies your worry about your Employee Management, set a Level of your Employee and Set the cost according to your Employee level. Manage your Employee on the go by seeing the Individual report of them.

Inventory Management

Difficult in managing products?

Worried about un sale products for a long time?

Your products are stocked for a long time, want to show the product in one go, Sell your product in online, built in E-commerce dedicatedly for you.

Service Management

Want create an innovative services?

Hard to calculate taxes?

  • Create a services as your wish and tag them with a prices
  • Add your tax price according to the service and shop based

Shop & Branch Management

Difficult in managing multiple shops?

Feel stress free!!

  • Create your branch with all the necessity details
  • You can monitor multiple Branch office on the go,
  • No need of additional Software License purchase for it.
  • Easy Integrate of social media, so that you can increase your social presence and Engage the customer More effectively


Worried about last minute cancellation?

Want a convey greeting and messages to your customer in one go?

FEEL FREE, send a mass message to your customer stating that you have free slot and fill the slot in a quick manner,

  • Bad weather, want to close the shop unexpectedly. Worried about the appointments!!
  • Here comes an awesome way to send a “Day off Message” to your customers


Want to check your Employee performance?

Worried about the profit calculation?

Confused about your each branch collection?

An easy way to generate a report,

  • You can pull a separate report for Employee based on their services
  • Quick calculation about Branch profit calculation
  • Easy understandable graphical representation
  • One view Snapshot of your Branch
  • Compare branches for performances

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