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Introduction: Mean Stack Development(MSD) is the development of latest technology that can be used in various software. Developers from all around the world use this to develop new software to meet the market demands. These include the latest languages such as Mean, Angular JS, Mongo DB, Express among
Introduction: A simple sentence to begin this: ‘’Certain things that can be easily done by computers can definitely be done by humans is correct but it isn’t a necessity and thus, it leads to loss in efficiency’’.  This is exactly how the technology solutions implementations in
agile methodology
Introduction: Here’s the shortened version of Agile Methodology:  Agile
Introduction: Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) connects Manufacturing and Technology sectors. Manufacturing sector includes different types of products, operations, components, people, and machines. Technology sector contains the various services such as Information Technology and products such as data analysis among other custom developed applications. IIOT increases the productivity. IIOT plays