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Captcha Verification
Why Captcha verification is required? Captcha Verification is used to prevent automated programs submitting spam or unwanted contents. It is used to verify the data is entered by human or bots and prevent the bots content. So we can avoid spam data’s. Steps Invloved
Earlier versions of PHP version did not have a method to handle “No Exception Handle”. PHP 5.0 and above today supports this function by using catch blocks for errors and exception handling. Some Basics about Exception:  1-PHP throw and PHP catch:       This method will work by default by using
ecommerce website development cost
When there is a need to take your business from offline to online you might be considering about ecommerce once a while. But the cost of developing a full-fledged ecommerce site might be a concern. As a businessman, your thought would be getting cost effective and best service. Here
Software project rescue
In my earlier blog we had discussed about why software projects fail.Software or IT project failure is inherent because of nature of the process and industry itself. There are various reasons why Software projects fail whether your organization has outsourced it to a vendor or it is developed by an