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Unlocking Business Value with “react-native-google-contact-api”

Unlocking Business Value with “react-native-google-contact-api” In the ever-evolving domain of mobile app development, where efficiency and user experience reign supreme, React Native has emerged as a game-changer. This revolutionary framework has democratized cross-platform app development, offering developers the ability to

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React Native Sticky Notification

News, views and everything else… React Native Sticky Notification Here’s the shortened version of Agile Methodology: Customizable Sticky Notification for Android. NPM by Mr.Senthalan, a member of the React Native Team at Maestro!! This contains a maximum of five clickable

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Static Vs Dynamic Website

Static Vs Dynamic Website A basic website is a small website with limited number of pages and built using HTML or may be even PHP. Technology is not the key here, rather the functionality. A basic website is limited in

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Agile Methodology

News, views and everything else… Agile Methodology Introduction: Here’s the shortened version of Agile Methodology: Agile methodology: Agile methodology is a process of continuous iteration. In this process, the project team breaks down the project into several segments. The team

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Industrial Internet

News, views and everything else… Industrial Internet Introduction: Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) connects Manufacturing and Technology sectors. It represents a transformative evolution in industrial operations. It’s a concept that brings together the power of the internet and smart devices

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Ecommerce website development cost: The Ideal Advice

News, views and everything else… Ecommerce website development cost and factors: When there is a need to take your business to the next level; from offline to online you might want to consider ecommerce development. Considering it, the cost of developing

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