Ecommerce website development cost: The Ideal Advice

ecommerce website development cost

When there is a need to take your business from offline to online you might be considering about ecommerce once a while. But the cost of developing a full-fledged ecommerce site might be a concern. As a businessman, your thought would be getting cost effective and best service. Here we can get to know some real fact about the ecommerce website development cost.

ecommerce website development cost

Who and what will decide the cost of ecommerce website development in India

After the acquisition of Flipkart by the Walmart, The online business in India is growing like rapidly. Due to this move by Walmart, many brands and companies are stepping into the e-commerce industry and expanding their service in India. This will make way for more competition among them and to the industries market value goes high like a rocket.

The cost type of business, whether it’s a multi vendor or single vendor portal the platform and hosting, not the least of which is choosing the right web development company will determine the budget.  Choosing the wrong company may increase costs substantially for you.

E-commerce website price list

India has so much of resource for e-commerce website development, and they export to worldwide. The ecommerce website development cost list varies by different regions.

ecommerce website development cost

The top cities in India giving their e-commerce service at a minimum price list:

  • Chennai
  • Bangalore
  • Pune
  • Mumbai
  • Hyderabad
  • Delhi
  • Kolkata
  • Coimbatore
  • Cochin
  • Ahmadabad 

Ecommerce website development cost breakdown

The cost breakdown including the areas like website theme and design, choosing a domain name and reliable hosting services.

You should take care of each element in your online venture. The website theme or template should be a responsive version for mobile and desktop devices, and the design is user-friendly for easy navigation to all pages on your website.

Choosing of Domain name and Hosting service

before deciding to pick hosting service you have to clear some points to yourself.
1. Your e-commerce business type
The business type defines the product you are selling on your site. Which is belongs to your audience and their intent? So you could consider this while choosing hosting services.

2. No of pages on your site
How many pages on your website has holds? Having more than 100 pages, your site size will be increased, and your site loading speed will increase. You must consider while choosing a high speed good hosting service.

3. Targeting country
Selecting a domain name that influences a little bit of focussing land, for example,,, keep your domain name short and buzz one.

The ecommerce website development cost calculator

As we mentioned earlier the price varied by the different cities in India. The workforce and working hours and cost breakdown of your website, the living value of the city will be considered as the ecommerce website development cost calculator.

Ecommerce site building cost estimate in India

The estimation of your online store will cost around 10–25 lacks (If you worried about your budget click here) in India for a minimum sized business and which is included the services like payment gateway, offered by the top companies in India. When you are ready to take up your activity into online estimate your online store size and choose the development company that has vast experience in the field. Because they give you a proper timeline and your cost breakdown estimation does not exceed. And they deliver to you at the schedule.

Start-up costs

Start-up companies cost you 10–25 % less than fortune companies because they want to run their business continuity. But the problem of the start-up companies lacks in human resources. So they can’t keep the timeline, and it affects your business.

Cost  for a small to medium-sized company

If you want to build a small or medium sized ecommerce site for your company, you need to invest a minimum ten lacks for website creation. And you have to require an additional amount to run your company at the initial stage to become a well-known brand like Amazon, Flipkart.

The average cost of ecommerce website in India

The average price of e-commerce website creation in India relayed in the ecommerce site type and the business type.

  1. Small e-commerce site buildout cost 3–5 lacks.
  2. Medium e-commerce site buildout cost 10–25 lacks.
  3. Large business needs above 25 lacks.

The ideal advice for who care about their budget.

Before investing a lump amount in big companies for your e-commerce website you have to consider the small sized companies. Because small companies could offer 1-2 lacks for ecommerce websites development by using their own framework or whether you want other frameworks like Woocommerce, Shopify etc… And then you can spend 2 lacks for digital marketing to your online store. Everything is within 5 lacks including marketing to your business. After analyzing your business forecast you can invest an additional amount to expand your business.