React Native Sticky Notification

Customizable Sticky Notification for Android. 

NPM by Mr.Senthalan, a member of the React Native Team at Maestro!!

This contains a maximum of five clickable buttons which acts as a Service in android. You can use the buttons for any operations respectively based on your project in React Native.

To view the repo, click here

Static Vs Dynamic Website

A basic website is a small website with limited number of pages and built using HTML or may be even PHP. Technology is not the key here, rather the functionality. A basic website is limited in its functions. A dynamic website will have a range of functions not available in a basic website, for example, a content management System (ala WordPress, with the ability to add/edit/delete content, images and even whole pages) from an admin console, call to action items like dynamic forms in every page, Custom Messages, Blogs, Dynamic gallery for Projects showcase etc… Below you can find the list of differences, between a basic website and a dynamic website,

Static Website

Dynamic Website

A website whose web pages are coded in HTML and the content of each page is fixed and doesn’t change unless it is edited and republished

A website whose web pages are generated in real time

Developed using client-side technologies such as HTML and CSS

Developed using client-side technologies as well as server-side scripting languages

Content remains unchanged unless it is changed from the source code

Content changes according to user’s preferences

Simple and easier to program

More complex and difficult to program

Does not allow many user interactions

Allow more user interaction

Do not access databases

Access information from a database

Cheaper to host

Costly to host

Update can be tedious and prone to errors

Easier to update, design updates can be much simpler

Used for small-scale websites that do not require continuous changes

Suitable for large-scale websites, e-commerce and social media websites

More control and flexibility as each page design is unique

User has complete control over updating the design and changing the content

Plain HTML and CSS is required to create static pages

PHP, JavaScript, ASP and so on can be used to create dynamic pages

Agile Methodology

agile methodology


Here’s the shortened version of Agile Methodology:

Agile methodology:

Agile methodology is a process of continuous iteration. In this process, the project team breaks down the project into several segments. The team interacts with the client on every segment, which in turn increases the delivering value of the project. It is a method of using the process  of development of technology to proceed with the project that would lead to increase in efficiency and time.

Project management:

Project management is necessary for every project to ensure whether the delivered project is correct and provides the real value against the business opportunity. It is essential to identify a business case and methods needed to calculate the ROI (Return on investments). There are different methods of project management. Let’s have a look at the most popular and conventional methods used the methodology in project management.

Agile methodology’s focus:

There are three main factors that agile methodology emphasis on, and they are:
● To improve the team and individual engagement for the tools and processes to be used in a project.
● The key factor being improving the customer collaborations.
● Adapts to an organizational change swiftly. 

Why companies choose agile technology?

Companies choose agile for various reasons. Let’s have a look at a few:
● Ability to manage all the priorities that are changing as per the market demands. 
● Get a clear perspective on project visibility.
● Improves the team morale and team stability. 
● Reduces the risk of the projects and everything. 
● Focus on business or IT alignment.
● On-time delivery of the project by time-boxed & fixed schedule process.
● Enhances the quality of the project by dividing into manageable units.
● Easy to understand the customer’s business value by giving the customer a chance to determine the priorities of the project features.
Check out our video on agile technology!

Industrial Internet


Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) connects Manufacturing and Technology sectors. Manufacturing sector includes different types of products, operations, components, people, and machines. Technology sector contains the various services such as Information Technology and products such as data analysis among other custom developed applications. IIOT increases the productivity. IIOT plays a vital role in increasing the economic benefits. The companies use different type of operational technologies. IIOT is done for producing goods from raw material to finished product, or products for build other products.

Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) helps manufactures connect Operational Technology with Information Technology.  This results in enabling the enterprise to merge operational and information departments.

Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT):

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) is a network of artificial intelligence devices and objects. It collects huge number of data and then sends the data to cloud based services and then shares it with end user.  As a result, IIOT enables connectivity among devices as well as transmission of data. Therefore, this will dramatically change the skill set required for the manufacturing industry

Artificial intelligence is going to play a major role in the manufacturing sector. Blue collar jobs are going to become white collar jobs.

Simple flow diagram about IIOT as follows:

The various blocks of Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT)

Benefits of Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT):

  • IIOT improves operational efficiency.
  • IIOT leads to increase in productivity.
  • Companies create a new business model using IIOT. As a result, improvement in economy happens.
  • Using IIOT gradually decreases downtime for machines.
  • Using IIOT leads to maximum utilization of resources.
  • IIOT enhances workers safety.

Challenges of Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT):

  • Security: Data exploitation of user’s happens due to poorly designed devices. As a result, it leads to data loss.
  • Compatibility: Advanced sensors and networking capacity aren’t equipped with every machine. Therefore, there’s always a chance of compatibility issue.
  • Connectivity: If networking devices are not connected properly, monitoring and tracking problems are created. Hence, connectivity is also a challenge.
  • Handling unstructured data: Retrieving of unstructured data will be bit complex. Hence, handling the unstructured data is a challenge as well.

Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) helps to boost economic development through the manufacturing sector and human resource development. Hence, IIOT is a futuristic technology. Therefore, now is the time to rethink products and services, reinvent business models, and retrain the workforce.

Ecommerce website development cost: The Ideal Advice

ecommerce website development cost

Ecommerce website development cost and factors:

When there is a need to take your business to the next level; from offline to online you might want to consider ecommerce development. Considering it, the cost of developing a full-fledged ecommerce site might be a concern for many businesses. As a businessman, your thought would be getting cost effective and best services. Here we can get to know some real facts about the ecommerce website development cost.

The average cost of ecommerce website in India

The average price of e-commerce website creation in India according to the business size is furnished below.

  1. Small e-commerce site build-out cost $1500-$4000.
  2. Medium e-commerce site build-out cost $15000-$35000.
  3. Large business needs above $35000.

Don’t skip this blog and read completely you will get a conclusion. Let’s have a look below what are the parameters are involved in the price variations.

ecommerce website development cost

Who and what will decide the cost of ecommerce website development in India?

After the acquisition of Flipkart by Walmart, online businesses in India is growing rapidly. By Walmart’s move, many brands and companies are stepping into the e-commerce industry and expanding their services in India.  This development paves the way for the increase in competition among them and the industries market value to go high as a rocket.

The cost of development depend on business (multi-vendor or single vendor portal) the platform & hosting and not the least of which is choosing the right web development company which will determine the budget.  Choosing the wrong company may increase the costs substantially for your business.

E-commerce website price list

India has much of the resources for e-commerce website development, and they export it worldwide and use them within the country. The e-commerce website development cost list varies by different regions.

ecommerce website development cost

The top cities in India giving their e-commerce services at a minimum price are:

  • Chennai
  • Bangalore
  • Pune
  • Mumbai
  • Hyderabad
  • Delhi
  • Kolkata
  • Coimbatore
  • Cochin
  • Ahmadabad 

E-commerce website development cost breakdown

The cost breakdown includes areas like website theme & design, choosing a domain name and reliable hosting services.

Taking care of each element mentioned above is vital to your online venture. The website theme or template should be a responsive version for mobile and desktop devices. Thus, the design must be attractive and user-friendly to enable easy navigation to all pages on your website.

Choosing of Domain name and Hosting service

Before choosing your hosting services, you have to be clear on a few points.

1. Your e-commerce business type

The business type defines the product you are selling on your site. Knowing the product category of your business & nature of your audience and their intent is a critical factor in the market. Thus, these should be considered while choosing the hosting services.

2. No of pages on your site

Another parameter you have to admit to hosting your website is the number of pages. How many pages does your website hold? Having more than 100 pages increases your site size and loading speed. You must consider this while choosing a high speed and a good hosting service.

3. Targeting country

Selecting a domain name influences the focusing land. For example,,, etc. Keep your domain name short and try for a buzz one.

The ecommerce website development cost calculator

As mentioned earlier, the price varies accordingly for each city in India and thus, the website development cost depends on varying factors. The workforce & their working hours, cost breakdown of your website, the living value of the city will be considered for calculating the cost of ecommerce website development.

Ecommerce site building cost estimate in India

The estimation for establishing your online store (like Flipkart/Amazon) will be around $15000-$35000. (Worried about your budget? click here). In India for a minimum sized business which includes services like payment gateway are offered by many top companies. When you are ready to take up your activity online, estimate your online store size and choose the company for the e-commerce site building that has vast experience in the field. They will give you a proper timeline and the cost breakdown estimation which does not exceed. Because of a proper timeline, they also deliver it to you on schedule.

Cost of ecommerce development in start-ups

Start-up companies cost you 10–25 % less than fortune companies for ecommerce development. These companies will work harder to deliver the right product to you and will provide you with exclusive add-on features at a special price.

Cost  from a small to medium-sized company

If you want to build an ecommerce site by availing the services of a small or medium sized company, you need to invest at least a minimum of $14000 for website creation. You need to have a backup to run your company at the initial stage. This would go on until it becomes a well-known brand like Amazon, Flipkart.

Ideal advice for businesses considering their budget:

Before investing a lump amount in big companies for your e-commerce website development, use small or medium-sized companies. Small companies could offer $1400-$3000 for ecommerce websites development. They use their framework or the framework of your choice like Woocommerce, Shopify, etc. After choosing the right framework, you can focus on spending $3000 for digital marketing of your store. Everything is within $7000 including marketing to your business. After analyzing your business forecast, you can invest an additional amount to expand your business. When you think about expanding, consider a mobile application development. It will make your business process more effective and efficient. Want to have an insight about it, have an overview of mobile app development for your business.


Are you looking to hire a PHP developer?

hire php developer

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Hire PHP developers India

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hire php developer

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Corporates are financially secured, so they really won’t bother to pay a highly skilled techie person for their in-house requirement. Whereas in small and medium-sized companies, they won’t spend like corporates. So they go for other options like outsourcing services or hiring a freelance developer. If you are a small or medium sized company, then Maestro would be the best choice for hiring a PHP developer.

Risks factors of hire PHP developer in India

When you hire PHP developer from India, there are a few risks involved. The factors are losing confidentiality, no full-time engagement, hidden costs & legal problems, losing management control of the business functions, communication problems, and time differences. When it comes to Maestro Technology, you won’t face such a situation. Maestro has been providing IT services to the US, UAE, and Singapore region with a proven offshore delivery model. They are engaged in helping its Global IT clientele with their need for an experienced IT workforce. They have been providing offshore development services for over 4 years. Unlike others, their focus is on providing a holistic approach when it comes to IT development services, considering the business’s core value and target audience.

Services offered by Maestro Technology

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The services are developed with the latest technology stack and value-added services cost-effectively. If you are looking for someone to develop a mobile app, website, or business application, then I would recommend Maestro technology to fulfil your business needs.


In my opinion, hiring a top rated freelancer from upwork and other freelancer sites might cost you a lot. The top-rated freelancer hourly rate is quite expensive and most of all, they don’t negotiate. The main drawback of freelancers is they charge you the same price (even if you are an existing client of him) for changes and modification when you notify them. Hire PHP developer from offshore companies like Maestro Technology services Pvt.Ltd in India to get the maximum benefits for your IT project.

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