Social Media


Web and Mobile App


Georgia, USA

Partnership Period

May 2016 to Present

Team Size

6 Experts


This use case outlines the functionality and features of the Rawcaster app, a social media and events platform that offers unique features like live updates, social networking, video conferencing, talkshows and enhanced communication during video meetings.

Key Stakeholders involved



  • Users must have a valid Rawcaster account.
  • Users should have access to a compatible device with the Rawcaster app installed.

Main Flow

  • Users log in or signup to the Rawcaster web application or mobile app.
  • Users can post live updates (“nuggets”) to their profile.
  • Users can connect with others by adding friends and becoming fans of other users/influencers.
  • Users can initiate live broadcasts at their preferred time.
  • Users can engage in one-on-one chats with other users.
  • Users can participate in group chats within private groups and with fans.
  • Users can explore and participate in events and talkshows hosted on the platform
  • Users can schedule, host, and join events with features similar to video conferencing
  • Users with appropriate memberships can utilize exclusive features.
  • A unique feature allows users to speak privately to a specific participant during a video meeting.
  • Rawcaster AI chat enhances communication and engagement.
  • Kurento has been replaced with AWS Chime for improved functionality.

Alternative Flows

  • If a user’s membership does not allow access to certain features, those features will be made available to them by upgrading their membership.

Technology used

  • React and React Native for frontend
  • PHP and Python for backend
  • AWS Chime for video conferencing and enhanced communication

Post Conditions

  • Users can continue to use the app, engaging in social networking and participating in events.
  • Interaction data, such as nuggets, chat history and event and talkshow, are stored in the applications database.

Business Impact

  • Rawcaster provides a comprehensive social media and events experience with unique features, attracting users from different walks of life.
  • The enhanced video conferencing feature and private participant communication along with social media sets Rawcaster apart from other platforms.

Related Use Cases

  • Event & Talkshow Scheduling and Hosting
  • User Networking and Fan Engagement


  • Users have a basic understanding of using social media platforms and video conferencing tools.
  • Users have a reliable internet connection to utilize the applications features.

Future Considerations

  • Development of additional features, such as Open AI chat bot, translation of text nuggets, and read out in different languages.
  • Ongoing updates to enhance user experience and platform functionality.

This use case describes the core functionality of the Rawcaster app, highlighting its social media and event & talkshow-related features, unique communication capabilities, and the use of AWS Chime for video conferencing. It also emphasizes the ongoing development and future plans for the platform.