Ecommerce website development cost: The Ideal Advice

ecommerce website development cost

Ecommerce website development cost and factors:

When there is a need to take your business to the next level; from offline to online you might want to consider ecommerce development. Considering it, the cost of developing a full-fledged ecommerce site might be a concern for many businesses. As a businessman, your thought would be getting cost effective and best services. Here we can get to know some real facts about the ecommerce website development cost.

The average cost of ecommerce website in India

The average price of e-commerce website creation in India according to the business size is furnished below.

  1. Small e-commerce site build-out cost $1500-$4000.
  2. Medium e-commerce site build-out cost $15000-$35000.
  3. Large business needs above $35000.

Don’t skip this blog and read completely you will get a conclusion. Let’s have a look below what are the parameters are involved in the price variations.

ecommerce website development cost

Who and what will decide the cost of ecommerce website development in India?

After the acquisition of Flipkart by Walmart, online businesses in India is growing rapidly. By Walmart’s move, many brands and companies are stepping into the e-commerce industry and expanding their services in India.  This development paves the way for the increase in competition among them and the industries market value to go high as a rocket.

The cost of development depend on business (multi-vendor or single vendor portal) the platform & hosting and not the least of which is choosing the right web development company which will determine the budget.  Choosing the wrong company may increase the costs substantially for your business.

E-commerce website price list

India has much of the resources for e-commerce website development, and they export it worldwide and use them within the country. The e-commerce website development cost list varies by different regions.

ecommerce website development cost

The top cities in India giving their e-commerce services at a minimum price are:

  • Chennai
  • Bangalore
  • Pune
  • Mumbai
  • Hyderabad
  • Delhi
  • Kolkata
  • Coimbatore
  • Cochin
  • Ahmadabad 

E-commerce website development cost breakdown

The cost breakdown includes areas like website theme & design, choosing a domain name and reliable hosting services.

Taking care of each element mentioned above is vital to your online venture. The website theme or template should be a responsive version for mobile and desktop devices. Thus, the design must be attractive and user-friendly to enable easy navigation to all pages on your website.

Choosing of Domain name and Hosting service

Before choosing your hosting services, you have to be clear on a few points.

1. Your e-commerce business type

The business type defines the product you are selling on your site. Knowing the product category of your business & nature of your audience and their intent is a critical factor in the market. Thus, these should be considered while choosing the hosting services.

2. No of pages on your site

Another parameter you have to admit to hosting your website is the number of pages. How many pages does your website hold? Having more than 100 pages increases your site size and loading speed. You must consider this while choosing a high speed and a good hosting service.

3. Targeting country

Selecting a domain name influences the focusing land. For example,,, etc. Keep your domain name short and try for a buzz one.

The ecommerce website development cost calculator

As mentioned earlier, the price varies accordingly for each city in India and thus, the website development cost depends on varying factors. The workforce & their working hours, cost breakdown of your website, the living value of the city will be considered for calculating the cost of ecommerce website development.

Ecommerce site building cost estimate in India

The estimation for establishing your online store (like Flipkart/Amazon) will be around $15000-$35000. (Worried about your budget? click here). In India for a minimum sized business which includes services like payment gateway are offered by many top companies. When you are ready to take up your activity online, estimate your online store size and choose the company for the e-commerce site building that has vast experience in the field. They will give you a proper timeline and the cost breakdown estimation which does not exceed. Because of a proper timeline, they also deliver it to you on schedule.

Cost of ecommerce development in start-ups

Start-up companies cost you 10–25 % less than fortune companies for ecommerce development. These companies will work harder to deliver the right product to you and will provide you with exclusive add-on features at a special price.

Cost  from a small to medium-sized company

If you want to build an ecommerce site by availing the services of a small or medium sized company, you need to invest at least a minimum of $14000 for website creation. You need to have a backup to run your company at the initial stage. This would go on until it becomes a well-known brand like Amazon, Flipkart.

Ideal advice for businesses considering their budget:

Before investing a lump amount in big companies for your e-commerce website development, use small or medium-sized companies. Small companies could offer $1400-$3000 for ecommerce websites development. They use their framework or the framework of your choice like Woocommerce, Shopify, etc. After choosing the right framework, you can focus on spending $3000 for digital marketing of your store. Everything is within $7000 including marketing to your business. After analyzing your business forecast, you can invest an additional amount to expand your business. When you think about expanding, consider a mobile application development. It will make your business process more effective and efficient. Want to have an insight about it, have an overview of mobile app development for your business.


An overview: How much does it cost to make an mobile app for your business?

cost of mobile app development

An Overview of Mobile Application Development and cost:

A tap! Yes, that’s all you need to buy a product. Mobile app development cost is discussed in detail here.  With the smartphones ruling the world, it would be inefficient for businesses not to make use of it. According to a survey, more than 60% of users prefer mobile apps for buying over websites. One might wonder about the cost of mobile app development expensive without knowing the benefits of an app for their business

The worry is unnecessary if you know about the app development process and the mobile app development cost.

In this article, you will learn about the app development benefits, types/platforms of app development and many such processes. Growing together with technological development is the main factor in promoting your brand. Mobile application development is another factor.

Mobile app development has become inevitable for any business to mark its existence in the market. Let’s look into the influence of mobile apps on businesses.


cost of mobile application development

Impact of App on business:

Mobile apps bring in a remarkable change in the growth of a company. Applications tend to the specific needs of the customers. Hence, they are customized accordingly. Reaching millions of users for retailers normally would be impossible without an app. For retailers/ product based businesses, an app reaches customers more than that of a responsive website.

Consider the time taken to buy a product. A tap comes to your mind right? Yes, apps are 1.5 times faster than websites, and the data retrieval in it takes place at an unimaginably quicker pace. Gearing up with responsiveness to customers comes the establishment of personal connection with customers.

A personal touch among users is vital. Wondering how to do that? Customization does the magic by creating a personalized feel to the users. Being available 24*7 takes a business process to a whole new level. To provide services without being online all the time can be done only using an automated system.  By integrating the business process into an app, it can be created.

Few other perks of having a mobile app for businesses are:

  •     Utilizing the features of the native device,
  •     Timely Notifications & updates,
  •     Building your brand value,
  •     Improvement in productivity (by monitoring the sales, calculating the profit generated)
  •    Cost effective (By implementing a warehouse management system )
  •    Knowing the customer needs and feedback by providing an interactive platform.

That’s awesome right! Let’s have a detailed view of the platforms used in app development, their advantages, comparison and cost involved in developing.

App Development Platforms:

Standard operations performed by an application depends on a set of services known as a platform.

The main operational areas that a platform works on are:

  • Development tools
  • Execution services
  • Data services
  • Operating services
  • Cloud services.

The types of app development platforms are:

  •    Native
  •    Hybrid/Cross
  •    Web

Choosing the right kind of app is important for developing an app for your business. Now folks let’s dive into the types of apps available and get a clear view on the app suited for your business needs.

Native App:

Native platform or a native app are developed to work on a specified platform and operating system. These apps are coded into the native language of the device’s platform thereby increasing their performance. The popular operating systems that the native apps developed on are Google’s Android and Apple’s IOS. The coding language popularly used by developers for IOS is either Objective C or Swift whereas Android apps are generally in JAVA. A native app can optimize the performance of a device by using resources of the devices itself. Few examples of native apps are Google maps, Linkedin, Twitter.

Hybrid/Cross-Platform App:

Hybrid App is a combination of a native and web app. Unlike the other apps targeting mobile browsers, hybrid mobile app targets WebView(browser in an app) hosted by the native app.

The hybrid application has the following features:

  • Functioning with or without device’s connection,
  • Can have an integration with the device’s file system & web services
  • Can operate a browser for improving access to dynamic online content.

Building of hybrid apps requires HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Few of the popular hybrid app frameworks are Xamarin, PhoneGap, Ionic, Framework 7, Appcelerator Titanium.

Few popular hybrid app examples are Instagram, Basecamp, Yelp, Untappd.

Web App:  

A web application has similar functionality to that of a desktop app or a mobile app. It is an application program stored in a remote server and delivered to us when prompted. Web apps use a single code base as they are not designed for the specific device purpose. They are fast & simple to build.

The most popular web app platforms are Angular, Django, Laravel, Ruby on Rails, Symfony, Yii, MeteorJS.  Web app generally uses BuildFire.js, Python, Java, and PHP for coding.

Google Docs, Netflix, Flipkart, Bookmyshow, Olx, Pinterest are few noteworthy and progressive web apps in the market.

Hope you got an insight about the app types. The business owner has to decide on the app to be developed considering the end user’s needs & satisfaction. For example, if your eCommerce website needs revamping then a mobile app comes into action. Building an app depends on business types and needs. Let’s look into the comparison of the three apps.

A brief comparison of the types:

Taking native vs. hybrid app development into consideration hybrid apps don’t work in offline mode (works only with an internet) whereas native apps can operate in offline mode. The developing cost difference between these are minimal. As a result, the cost won’t be a factor for app building. The development pace for hybrid apps is high. Hence, these apps are preferable when the time is less.

Now taking native vs. web app development into consideration, the native apps are faster & responsive because the data retrieval is faster. A web app uses a single code and so easier & quicker to build. Web apps are not versatile and as fast as native apps.

Mobile App Development Cost:

Mobile app business can be developed at a minimum of $700. The mobile app development cost depends on business requirements and the nature of the app.

A native app can be a cost effective app. The native app works on a particular platform. If native apps of two different OS say android and IOS are developed separately, then the cost will be more. For developing a multi-platform app, cross-platform framework comes into action providing with a cost-effective solution. As specified earlier, mobile app development cost varies according to business needs.  However, it’s wise to know about the app development process

Demographic view on mobile app development:

Demographic view on app development is a brief statistics on mobile app downloads that will blow your mind! The figure below depicts the mobile app downloads worldwide in the year 2017, 2018 & prediction for 2022.


Mobile app development cost

Astonishing stats, right? Yes. It gives you an overall number of app downloads. Imagine the volume of apps created. Subsequently, smartphones are ruling the world! Knowing what users like and implementing it in your business is vital. It will build a special bond and trust among the customers. With the stats above you would have got a view about users inclination towards app.

Got an insight about app development? Want to develop an app for your business? Contact us and get it done!


Website design cost for small businesses in 2019 | The Definitive guide

website design cost for small business 2019

Website design cost for small businesses

Every small business owners may think once about how much a website design cost for their business. And every small business owners interested in achieving a faster growth necessarily needs to have a business website to gain a significant competitive edge over their rivals in the modern day highly competitive business environment. A professionally developed website can clearly help the small businesses to effectively showcase their products and services in detail to their potential customers by using beautiful images, downloadable product brochures, and relevant product video tutorials.


website design cost for small business 2019


Considering the significant potential benefits of having a dynamic website for their small businesses, there is an ever growing trend of small-scale business owners opting for their business websites in recent years. The website design cost for small business varies. It varies based on the specific requirements of the business owners and the various elements involved in the website design and development process.

While it is no denying fact that cost plays a major role in the website creation, but finally it is the attractive design and user –friendly functionality of the website are the most elements of the website design and development. There are many owners who are little hesitant to set up one for their business due to the lack of proper knowledge about the overall cost involved to set up a professionally designed website.

This article is intended to help small businesses. It provides a blueprint of the various cost involved in the creation of a good quality website by professional website designing companies.

The average cost of website design for small business in India:

The average website designing cost in India that depends on how the concerned business owner wants to set up the website. Professional designers offer different web designing services to small businesses depending on the nature of the business, specific needs and budget limitations.

There are various factors involved in the ascertaining the cost of website creation for a small scale business and it is important for every small business owner to understand these factors. The  website designing cost factor in India given below

Website design cost depends on the website category

Websites come in different types such as Brochure website, Business card having with the contact form, Magazine style website and e-commerce website, Blogging website and the website design cost depends primarily on the specific type of business website chosen by the business owner.

Generally, Brochure websites are the simpler type with fewer pages, which are easy to create and are less expensive. E-commerce websites are suitable for the businesses planning to sell products and services by online and they are complex to develop and more expensive of all the website types.

Website design cost based on technology used

The kind of software used in the design and the development of the website is another basic factor that determines the cost of designing a small business website. Professional designers design dynamic webpage contents websites from scratch using HTML or PHP codes or utilize Content Management System like WordPress, which varies the cost.

The design and development of a custom website using web design language like PHP usually costs more as compared to the Website design using WordPress platform.

Domain & Hosting parameters

The domain name is an essential thing while having a website. The domain price can also vary based on the chosen domain name availability and popularity for the business site, which adds credibility and makes the company look professional. It is important for the business owners to choose a suitable domain name that matches with the concept of the small business they operate. The domain name registration comes in the different price range.

Some domain registrar offering free domain while you choose hosting service from them like and Godaddy is the largest domain registrar they offer you at 2.99$ for .com domains. Small businesses need to select a suitable Web Hosting provider and hosting plans to avoid the downtimes of their business sites, which can potentially affect their business. Following are some of the important types of web hosting services, which varies based on the type of the client’s business operations, functionality and cost.


website design cost for small business

Shared hosting

In this type of web hosting, the hosting company provides services for multiple websites from a single web server and it is the least expensive avenue for small businesses to build its web presence. However, this entry-level type of web hosting is not suitable for business websites with high traffic. Popular shared hosting providers include SiteGround, GoDaddy, HostGator and BlueHost.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting

In VPS web hosting, one main server is partitioned into multiple individual servers. The VPS hosting providers allocates their client websites with a certain amount of resources like disk space. Unlike shared hosting, VPS hosting does not have resource drain issues. Hence, it is more expensive than shared Hosting plan.

By opting for VPS hosting plan, the concerned small business can have the administrative power to add or delete files, install or uninstall programs. DreamHost is a popular VPS web hosting provider.

Dedicated web server hosting

Dedicated Web server is the perfect hosting solution for the high-traffic sites. This is because it offers the highest level of resources. This is known for high speed and up time.

By hosting the website with dedicated web server, the small businesses can rent out the entire server, which can easily support a large volume of visitors visiting their business site. This type of hosting is more expensive of all the hosting plans as it comes with highest- level security features and almost nil downtime experience.

Reseller web hosting

With Reseller hosting, the account owners can become a hosting service provider by renting out a portion of their allocated space and bandwidth to other end users. Reseller hosting providers offer low-cost hosting plans but unlike regular web hosting providers, they may not be able to offer reliable technical support to their clients.

Cloud-based web hosting

Here the service provider delivers hosting on a virtual partition and relies on a large network of physical servers. This is to allocate resources such as disk space to their client’s website. Cloud-based hosting plans offer a considerable cost saving for the small business to operate their business sites. Because they need to pay only for what they actually use.

Security (SSL Certificate)

The web security is critical for every business website. This cannot be undervalued at any cost. Because of the ever-increasing number of hacking attempts by the cybercriminals. Security is the major concern for small business websites, which are the easy targets for cybercriminals as they can allow only fewer budgets for massive security implementations. To earn the customers trust, Secured Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate is important for every small business. SSL when installed on their website safeguard the site against such hacking attempts. Such attempts are usually done to steal the critical webs server data. This data includes the customer’s credit card or bank details.

There are three different types of SSL certificates namely Domain Validation (DV), Organization Validation (OV) and Extended Validation (EV). These certificates offer different functionality and come at different costs. The small business owner needs to choose a specific certificate depending on their specific needs and the budget constraints. If you need consultation regarding hosting plans and choosing the best hosting provider to your business contact us at free of cost.

How much does it cost to build a website for a small business in India?

To the small businesses, the design cost can significantly vary based on the specific objective and requirements of the business. It also depends on the professional expertise of the website developers employed by the vendors. Professional designers have the capability either to design the suitable small business website from the scratch or alternatively build the website by utilizing an existing template or theme. This is based on the specific design or budget requirements of the client.

The average cost of website design for small businesses in India  falls in the following price ranges in 2019


Website type Functionality Price
Custom PHP Business card website with a contact form Basic 400$ – 700$
Custom PHP website with custom plugin functionality Advanced 600$ – 900$
The design and development of WordPress website Basic / Advanced 400$
Custom PHP e-commerce site Advanced 1000$ – 4000$

How much does it cost to hire someone to build a website?

When hiring someone to build your website the freelancer or hired person will costs as hourly price. It also depends on the cost paid by the small business owner to engage the assistance of professional website designers. It clearly varies based on the company’s expertise and the length of experience in the field. Today, website design and hosting companies are mushrooming to cash in on the increasing preference of the various businesses to have a website. Thus, more and more companies and freelancers with little knowledge in the website development are offering them with lower rates.

To build a unique and superlative business website with completely responsive web design, Professional web designers’ charges are in the price range of USD 250$-600$ for a static business website.  The cons of Hiring freelancer are: it takes more time than choosing a web development company and longer support isn’t provided. It is very imperative that small businesses choose appropriate professional web designing service companies. Such companies possess excellent expertise and experience in developing proprietary content managed websites. They are passionate in collaborating with and facilitating the Startups and small business to achieve business credibility at a faster time.

Maestro Technology for Small Businesses:

Small businesses can significantly benefit by taking the expert Web designing service assistance of Maestro Technology  . We posses in-depth knowledge and rich experience in custom PHP website development and WordPress platforms. The company is renowned for creating unique, dynamic and interactive business sites. These sites are compatible with all popular mobile and web browsers. Also, these are at an affordable cost for various small businesses.

Small business owners need to do sufficient research in terms of subject expertise and experience working in similar works. This is for selecting the right professional web designers. A superior-quality website can greatly help the business to attract more number of new prospective customers. This can lead increase in the visits to their business page and use their products and services. Thus, it is important that the owners of small-scale businesses have basic knowledge of a good website for their business. Also, the knowledge about the average web design cost of small businesses is also preferred. They must not fall prey to the lower cost offering of low-expertise, inexperienced companies, and freelancers.  It might lead to compromising on the overall website design and the usefulness of their business website.