Unlocking Business Value with “react-native-google-contact-api”


Unlocking Business Value with “react-native-google-contact-api” In the ever-evolving domain of mobile app development, where efficiency and user experience reign supreme, React Native has emerged as a game-changer. This revolutionary framework has democratized cross-platform app development, offering developers the ability to create versatile applications with ease. Yet, amidst this progress, a pivotal challenge remains seamlessly integrating […]

React Native Sticky Notification


News, views and everything else… React Native Sticky Notification Here’s the shortened version of Agile Methodology: Customizable Sticky Notification for Android. NPM by Mr.Senthalan, a member of the React Native Team at Maestro!! This contains a maximum of five clickable buttons which acts as a Service in android. You can use the buttons for any […]