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Mean Stack Development(MSD) is the development of latest technologies. Such technologies are used to introduce new applications into the market. Developers from all around the world use this to develop new software to meet the market demands. These include the latest languages such as Mean, Angular JS, Mongo DB, Express among other languages. In simple terms, these are the choice of programming languages used by developers in the current times. Such languages often depend on the needs of the market which are ever changing. Hence, MSD is one of the top requirements for both coders and customers. 

Mean Stack Development operations:

MSD is generally used by experienced coders or coders who are gifted with the knowledge of coding. Using such programming languages, we can create and build apps both for Mobile as well as Web. For mobile, it would be an upgrade for Android or IOS. In terms of Web applications, it would mean an increase in the overall usage of pre-installed applications. Such development need the permission of the platform provider both for web and mobile. For example, in the case of Chrome, we need the permission of Google to implement an application. Such implementations require the final approval from the product or development teams at such companies. 

Maestro’s Mean Stack Development:

The upgrade for the programming languages is needed for creation of new applications.  It is for the applications that help develop the overall human life. Such programming languages increase the level of encryption and make it harder to crack the application codes or hacking the application. The languages are always scalable and hence, the base of each programming language would vary.  For more information, please refer to here:

RESQ projects-2


Resque is the full form of the above abbreviation. This is exactly how the RESQ projects work- we rescue you by ensuring that we save your time and resources. In layman’s terminology, we would say this: ‘’This is how we will ensure that we give you a solution right at the start and not bog you down with paperwork and other things- in our way of saying, alleviating your pain is one way for us to start at the earliest possible timeline’’. So, why use the abbreviation? The other thing is this: coding language would dictate that we be as crisp as possible and hence, this abbreviation.

How it works?

The RESQ is just opposite to a queue. It is based on priority and not on what problem came first.  This is exactly how we can ensure maximum efficiency. Algorithms will vary as per the project and thus, the exact nature of working will be done based on the priority as per the maximum efficiency needed for the project in distress. Can we customize the algorithm? Nope, it can’t be customized as RESQ isn’t a separate project but a specific algorithm applied to the project in distress. However, there’s an exception that the overall project is customizable to a certain extent but the original core components are the same.  

Now, how do I know a project needs RESQ implementation? Two ways: Firstly, the day you realize that 90% of the timeline is complete. This is when the project needs RESQ and hence, the critical matter is this: can this be automated? Or, does this need manual intervention? Hence, it is most likely to be a manually intervention and so, this is how it would work. 

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Business applications


Business applications solutions are another service provided by Maestro. A simple sentence to begin: ‘’Certain things that can be easily done by computers can definitely be done by humans is correct but it isn’t a necessity and thus, it leads to loss in efficiency’’. This is exactly how the technology solutions implementations in various operations done in sectors work. Sectors such as FMCG, Goods & Services, Real Estate, Hotels, Services among others are used for solutions implementations. Such  Information Technology solutions often include commonly used solutions such as Content Resource Management, Enterprise Resource Planning and customized solutions. There are readily available CRM’s and ERP’s which can be used depending on each sector. 

Maestro’s Business applications solution:

Here’s where we come in: we can provide you and your business with a customized solution. The solution contains the records of various past operations. This is how it works: we help you understand the need for such a Business applications development solution for your company. Secondly, our solution experts work with your team and understand the needs. Thirdly our development team would develop an app for you in a matter of days and we are good to go. This is how easy it is to implement such solutions. It leads to increase in the overall revenue. Also, it leads to increase in the overall efficiency of the employees. We also provide you with standarized solutions that can implemented as well. 

How do these Business applications solutions work? These solutions work in a simple yet efficient way. The overall operations vary for each solution. We also ensure that you have the ability to upgrade the solution as well. The team at Maestro also provides a complete support during the implementation and operation of the solution. 

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