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A simple IoT device that connects to your industrial machines to monitor and report employee activity, rise and fall in production, remote sensoring of all machine activity and metering.

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M – Connect

Monitor Your Machines & Employee Any Time, Any Where

// What does M – Connect do? //

Monitor your machines any
time, any where!

  • M Connect is a cost effective, flexible, accurate & secure monitoring solution for factories and manufacturing industries of all sizes.
  • M Connect is a powerful, yet simple hardware device that is agnostic to PLC connectivity, machine model or machine make. The product will provide real-time data, analytics, dashboards and reports for Machine downtimes, in-cycle stoppages, Connect work order, employee & production and other advanced machine production parameters that are vital to tracking shop-floor production and status.

Why M-connect?

M-Connect makes live production monitoring possible without continual intervention and visualizes the resource utilization and availability.

Our Product

The M-Connect IoT device comes along with a web portal and mobile app, which makes remote monitoring of the machines and employees handy by means of reports.


The M-Connect device is custom developed and built with a modular design to make it convenient to expand its capabilities to suit individual use cases.


The powerful M-Connect cloud portal enables intelligent monitoring at all times with real time alert and notifications. Data is be presented in graphs for easier and quick understanding of the status of the resources (both machines and man power).


The M-Connect both as a combination hardware and software has many more key features and is unique in its own way.

M-Connect Mobile App

The M-Connect mobile application paves a way to access the data from anywhere via secured cloud server. Data monitoring is the main feature of the application and it aids in easy monitoring and decision making.


What M-Connect Achieves?

  • Managed Workflow
  • UI based production plan
  • Shortfall in production goal identification
  • Abnormal production cycle identification
  • Machine status monitoring and reporting
  • Resource planning (Machine and Man power)
  • Real time work order/production status tracking
  • Employee performance monitoring and reporting

Key Features

  • Easy Installation (Plug and Play)
  • User-friendly mobile application (both Android & iOS)
  • Works with any automated machines (Independent of machine make and model)
  • Wireless networking and so minimal wiring
  • Easy APIs to connect with any 3rd party ERP, HRM or other applications
  • Export reports as CSV

Alerts & Notifications

  • Customizable notification
  • Real time notification about production stoppage
  • Configurable shifts and break times to avoid unnecessary notifications

Single window Transparency

  • Single portal to monitor all the automated machines
  • Live operation monitoring
  • Common dashboard with all machines and employees
  • Cumulative comparison reports with all machines
Single window Transparency