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Aalaap is a boutique arts management company. Aalaap specialises in collaboration with performing artistes .They have worked with artistes from across the globe in various aspects of content, curation, design, marketing, public relations and event management .The Aalaap website has various segments. The Qs collective is a selection of personal interview with various artistes across the performing arts spectrum. It has a magazine section focuses on curating news and articles aimed at its target audience. The site also talks about its Design, PR and Event Management services.

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Working with Aalaap team was refreshing and creatively stimulating for us at Maestro Technology services. The Aalaap team wanted a website that focused on content and message. Hence we choose to go with a minmalistic layout that lays emphasis on the content and images. We added a custom content management system to the backend so that the Aalaap team can add, edit, update content, magazine articles or videos as and when they require. We designed a developed a custom HTML template for their newsletter which goes out to subscribers.

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