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Are you having a tough time managing your salon?

A smart solution to simplify your business process is developing a salon management software. In this article, we’ll have a brief about salon management software, its features, and the business processes that are automated by it. It provides a cost-effective and time-saving solution for running your salon business.

Before getting into the details, let’s have a brief about management software.


Salon management software
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Management Software:

A management software comes into play when the complexity of the management processes has to be simplified for reducing the time consumed. Some of the operations include resource management, employee management, task assignments, etc. The basis behind the design and development of management software depends on the process to be automated. The categories of management software include

  • People management
  • Network management
  • Project management
  • Financial management

Salon Management Software:

The salon management system is management software; tailor-made suite to provide a smart solution for managing the salon. It deals with the processes like tracking the employee salary, inventory management, customer data management, billing, etc. Having a salon management software will enhance your productivity & increase your profit.

Need for Salon management software:

Here is why your salon needs management software:

  • To automate the salon tasks
  • Secure storage of data
  • Increase customer interactions
  • Implement marketing campaigns
  • Managing customer appointments during peak times
  • Easy data maintenance

Let’s look at the features that will enhance your salon business.

Features of salon management software:

The following are the key features of salon management software:

 24*7 online booking:

The online booking system allows your potential customers to book online through website or apps. By this system, you’re giving your prospects a chance to book, schedule, reschedule, and cancel appointments in just a few clicks.


Client/Customer management:

With the customer management module, you can easily and comfortably handle your customer data, history, transactions, schedules, and information.


Efficient staff management:

Staff management allows you to maintain employee schedule, identify their skill sets, allows you to know their salary, check payrolls, and analyze their performances.


Hassle free billing process:

Managing sales transactions will be the most frustrating process in any retail store. With our automated billing process, the transactions are done faster & easier.


Active tracking and management of products:

Inventory management module allows you to know and track your stock details, which in turn enhances the productivity of your business. By this module, you’ll be able to track stocks and operate at different stores from a single place.


Effective management of services:

Service management module allows you to establish the services provided by your salon and lets you to add service pricing & manage it.


Effective management of shop/Branches:

By this module, you’ll be able to manage all the branches/shops within your control remotely.


Report Generation:

With the real-time insights and data reports, you will be able to transform, understand your business, and make informed decisions.


Benefits of having a salon management software:


Channelizing your customer appointments:

During peak hours, it will be difficult for a busy salon to manage multiple appointments. Due to the chaos, there may be double booking and salon might lose the customers. Salon management software allows you to book appointments, schedule appointments, and reschedule appointments.


Centralized storage of customer data:

Storing the customer data is vital for analyzing the patter and create marketing campaigns. Salon software the user to store all the details such as contact details, important dates, service history, etc. Additionally, if needed a backup process can be run at selected period for the databases occasionally.


Managing appointments:

With the support of salon software, you’ll be able to manage the appointments online and offline easily.


A customized selection of stylist:

 Salon software allows the owners to fix rate depending on the expert level of their employees. Customers will be able to choose stylists available for the services based on their budget.


Notifications to the customers:

The salon management software lets you to notify your customers about the appointments through text or mail.


Multi-station tracking:

 Salon software allows the owner to track and access all its branches activities remotely.  The daily time schedules, holiday schedules, details of the shops can be updated remotely.

Hope you’ve got a few insights about salon management system! An ideal way to get salon software is to try out the free trials or get a free demo that is available in the market. This way, you will choose the best salon software available.

Run your salon the smart way!

Try our free demo: http://easysalonsoft.com/features.php?#free-demo.


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