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Resque is the full form of the above abbreviation. This is exactly how the RESQ projects work- we rescue you by ensuring that we save your time and resources. In layman’s terminology, we would say this: ‘’This is how we will ensure that we give you a solution right at the start and not bog you down with paperwork and other things- in our way of saying, alleviating your pain is one way for us to start at the earliest possible timeline’’. So, why use the abbreviation? The other thing is this: coding language would dictate that we be as crisp as possible and hence, this abbreviation.

How it works?

The RESQ is just opposite to a queue. It is based on priority and not on what problem came first.  This is exactly how we can ensure maximum efficiency. Algorithms will vary as per the project and thus, the exact nature of working will be done based on the priority as per the maximum efficiency needed for the project in distress. Can we customize the algorithm? Nope, it can’t be customized as RESQ isn’t a separate project but a specific algorithm applied to the project in distress. However, there’s an exception that the overall project is customizable to a certain extent but the original core components are the same.  

Now, how do I know a project needs RESQ implementation? Two ways: Firstly, the day you realize that 90% of the timeline is complete. This is when the project needs RESQ and hence, the critical matter is this: can this be automated? Or, does this need manual intervention? Hence, it is most likely to be a manually intervention and so, this is how it would work. 

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