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Static Vs Dynamic Website

A basic website is a small website with limited number of pages and built using HTML or may be even PHP. Technology is not the key here, rather the functionality. A basic website is limited in its functions. A dynamic website will have a range of functions not available in a basic website, for example, a content management System (ala WordPress, with the ability to add/edit/delete content, images and even whole pages) from an admin console, call to action items like dynamic forms in every page, Custom Messages, Blogs, Dynamic gallery for Projects showcase etc… Below you can find the list of differences, between a basic website and a dynamic website,

Static Website Dynamic Website
A website whose web pages are coded in HTML and the content of each page is fixed and doesn’t change unless it is edited and republished A website whose web pages are generated in real time
Developed using client-side technologies such as HTML and CSS Developed using client-side technologies as well as server-side scripting languages
Content remains unchanged unless it is changed from the source code Content changes according to user’s preferences
Simple and easier to program More complex and difficult to program
Does not allow many user interactions Allow more user interaction
Do not access databases Access information from a database
Cheaper to host Costly to host
Update can be tedious and prone to errors Easier to update, design updates can be much simpler
Used for small-scale websites that do not require continuous changes Suitable for large-scale websites, e-commerce and social media websites
More control and flexibility as each page design is unique User has complete control over updating the design and changing the content
Plain HTML and CSS is required to create static pages PHP, JavaScript, ASP and so on can be used to create dynamic pages

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