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Outsource web application development services to India

Outsourcing IT services has been common from the 1960s, and it has been a flourishing industry in India. Small and large companies choose India to outsource web application development services for a lot of reasons. One of the IT services that can be outsourced is web application development. A web application is an application program developed & placed in remote servers and accessed through the internet by users. Top performers in the industry stand out from their competition by outsourcing IT services. Let’s see the reasons to outsource web application services from India.

Why outsource web application development to India?

Companies chose India to outsource web application development for varied reasons. Let’s have a brief about the reasons for outsourcing.

outsource web application development in India

Cost effective:

When companies outsource web application from India, they save cost and control the capital outlays mainly for years of operations. While outsourcing services, company change their capital to variable and in turn will be able to spend on other operations.

Focus on other operations:

    Outsourcing projects saves time, and this allows the companies to channelize their resources in other ways. It helps to run their business effectively.

A talented pool of resources:

Another key feature to outsource web application is that you get the resources at a nominal cost. Much small business does not have the budget to hire resources or implement IT systems. In such a case, outsourcing comes in handy.

Web application development with PHP:

The most preferred programming language used for developing web application is PHP. The key reason for this is that it offers unmatched functionality compared to other languages. The advantages of using custom web application development with PHP are as follows:

  • Developers can easily code built-in functions required for the commonly used for web applications
  • Web applications developed using PHP are platform independent, so you need not worry about the deployment
  • PHP supports a large amount of database and are extensible
  • Web applications developed using PHP offers high performance and reliability
  • The development and maintenance cost is low

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Cost of web application development in US companies:

The cost of web application development in US companies varies from 5000 to 300000 USD. The whopping cost difference is due to the business models of the development companies. Large companies fixate only on clients who are willing to spend over $400K for a project, and their hourly rate will be around 400-500 USD per hour. Their main focus will be on providing custom made services, and it is guaranteed that your project will be delivered precisely. Moderate companies have reasonable spending and operation costs. They may not be organized but tend to work at a faster pace charging around $100 – $200 per hour. Small companies have a meagre budget, and they charge around $75 – $180. Independent contractors charge around $50 – $250 per hour while offshore companies charge around $35 – $90 per hour.

Web application development cost in India:

The web application development cost in India varies from 3000 to 15000 USD. Large companies propose a web application development for $15000 in 100 hours. Moderate companies take around $8000 for 240 hours. Small companies propose $500 for 100 hours. Companies provide a wide range of budgets to work on for projects.

How to outsource web application development services to India?

    Before you go ahead for outsourcing your IT services, you need to know the processes or about the company involved in it. Let’s look at the factors that play a vital role for a company to outsource web application development services from India.

Space for conflict resolution:

In some cases, conflicts may arise between two parties. Check-in for phrases, terms or conditions that intend to resolve the conflicts aroused while signing the contract.

Expert Opinion:

    Analyze the companies working style in the initial stages and check out if they can give an expert opinion on the challenging tasks.

A talented pool of resources:

    India has a wide pool of resources and choosing the best from it is a tedious task. You need to look if the companies fulfill your set of criteria.


Another major challenge that the companies face is time zones. Both the companies may be in different time zones, so check out how the company takes steps to bridge the communication gap.

 Take small steps:

    When outsourcing begins with small tasks and analyzes the work of the company before investing the whole lot in it.

Know your need and choose the right company:

Jot down your needs, analyze the company’s services and workstyle then decide to work with them. There are a lot of companies, and each follows different strategies. Look out for the one that suits your business.

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