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Enhancing Chit Fund Management with a Custom Mobile and Web Application

KTM Jewellery, a prominent player in the jewellery industry, specializes in offering dynamic gold chit schemes to its customers.

Case Studies

Client Introduction

KTM Jewellery, a prominent player in the jewellery industry, specializes in offering dynamic gold chit schemes to its customers. These schemes facilitate an affordable purchasing method for gold jewellery, enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction.

Problem Statement

KTM Jewellery faced significant challenges in managing its gold chit schemes effectively:

  • Difficulty in tracking payment collections in real time.
  • Inefficiencies in managing customer subscriptions and plan details.
  • Challenges in tracking the travel and work history of collection agents.

These issues not only complicated operations but also affected customer trust and satisfaction, which are crucial for the chit-fund business.



To manage these challenges, KTM Jewellery implemented a custom-built application tailored to their specific needs. The solution includes:

  • Customer Mobile App: Allows customers to subscribe to various chit plans and manage their details conveniently.
  • Employee Mobile App: Used by collection agents to collect chit payments at customer locations and update payment statuses in real time. The app also records the travel history of the agents from start to end time, ensuring transparency and accountability.
  • Web Application: Enables efficient management of chit schemes, customer accounts, and scheme closure statuses, providing a robust backend support system.

The integration of these applications ensured seamless operation across different levels of the organization, from on-ground agents to back-office administrators.

Results and Benefits

The deployment of the custom applications brought significant improvements:

  • Operational Efficiency: Simplified the collection process and improved the accuracy of payment tracking, reducing errors and delays.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Enhanced customer experience through easy access to chit-plan details and real-time updates on payment statuses.
  • Employee Performance: The ability to track agents' travel and work time improved accountability and optimized resource allocation.
  • Administrative Control: The web application provided comprehensive management capabilities, improving scheme oversight and decision-making.


KTM Jewellery's implementation of Customized mobile and web applications has revolutionized the management of its gold chit schemes. This technological advancement has not only simplified operations but also significantly boosted customer trust and satisfaction. KTM Jewellery recommends similar businesses invest in custom technology solutions to overcome operational challenges and enhance customer engagement.