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What does M–Connect do?

  • M-Connect is a cost effective, flexible, accurate & secure monitoring solution for factories, manufacturing industries & fleet management companies of all sizes.
  • M-Connect is a powerful, yet simple hardware device that is agnostic to PLC connectivity, equipment model or make. The product will provide real-time data, analytics, dashboards and reports for machine downtimes, in-cycle stoppages, connect work orders, employee & production and other advanced machine production parameters that are vital to tracking shop-floor production and status.

M-Connect Live Demo

Explore the M-Connect live demo with pre-configured IoT dashboards.

Live Demo

The Product

It comes with a M-Connect Web dashboard and Mobile application that makes remote monitoring and reporting from your machine handy. We can add additional sensors like chub counters, temperature, pressure etc…

  • M-Connect Proprietary hardware
  • Cloud Server (not necessary for on premise)
  • Sensors if any
  • Mobile Application
  • Cloud Dashboard

M-Connect - ElevateYour Industry with Real-time Insights.

Unlock the Power of Real-time Monitoring and Enhance Productivity

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Why M-Connect?

  • Increase Floor Productivity
  • Increase Labour performance
  • Increase Product Quality
  • Increase Floor Safety


The M-Connect device is custom made and built with a modular design to make it easy to expand its capabilities to suit individual use cases.

M-Connect Dashboard

The powerful M-Connect cloud portal enables intelligent monitoring and Realtime notification. Data will then be presented in a dashboard and which will provide actionable insights.

Our Field Details

Key Features

  • Easy installation (Plug & play model)
  • User-friendly mobile applications for both Android and iOS © Works with any automated machine (independent to PLCs, Make and models)
  • Minimal wiring because of wireless networking
  • Low network usage (A 3G connection can work up to 20 machines)
  • Easy API’s to connect with any third-party ERP, HRM, etc… with export CSV option

Single Window transparency

  • Single portal to monitor all automated machines
  • Live operation monitoring
  • Common dashboard to all machines
  • Cumulative comparison reports to with all machines

Reports and Dashboards

  • Production analysis, intelligent production and performance reports
  • Automatic monthly report to email
  • Intelligent cycle count
  • Shift based reports
  • Web platform for detailed reports and monitoring

Alerts and Notifications

  • Realtime notification about production stoppage or any defined cases
  • Customizable notification
  • Configurable shifts and break times to avoid unnecessary notifications

M-Connect Mobile App

You can access the data from anywhere through secured web and mobile applications. Data visualization is a key feature that helps in easy monitoring and decision making.


Advantages of M-Connect

Real-time Monitoring

  • Advanced signal evaluation technology
  • Real-time updates on equipment status
  • Proactive issue management
  • Prevent production process disruptions

Service Management

  • Streamline service requests and routine maintenance
  • Effortless execution of processes
  • Maintain equipment in peak condition
  • Eliminate demanding administrative overhead

Work Order Management

  • Eliminate paperwork and manual work order entry
  • Intuitive interface for work order input and management
  • Efficient resource allocation
  • Effortless progress monitoring

Efficient Planning

  • Simplify work order and resource planning with the Gantt chart feature
  • Visualize tasks and allocate resources accurately
  • Fine-tune workflow for optimal efficiency
  • Trusted partner in planning, saving time and resources

Data-Driven Insights

  • Access critical metrics: MTTR, MTBF, statistical reports
  • Informed decision-making
  • Continuous operational enhancement
  • Empowered by valuable data

Enterprise Solutions

  • Customization at the core of M-Connect
  • Tailor the platform to unique needs
  • Seamless data synchronization with ERP portals like SAP and Oracle
  • Flexible adaptation to specific business requirements