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Welcome to Maestro Technology Services: Innovating at the intersection of Technology & Business.

At Maestro Technology Services, we redefine a custom software development company by transforming intricate business challenges into seamless technological solutions. With our unwavering commitment to excellence, we orchestrate success through the harmonious fusion of cutting-edge technology and strategic insights for faster value realization.

Our forte lies in navigating the dynamic landscape and unraveling the complexity of the modern business that requires more than just routine solutions. We take pride in not only understanding your hurdles but also crafting bespoke strategies that leverage technology as the ultimate enabler. From streamlining operations to propelling growth, we orchestrate solutions that resonate with your unique business demands.

Explore Our Services

Software Development

With over 12 years of business excellence, our software development team specializes in creating dependable, scalable, and secure software solutions compatible with various operating systems, browsers, and devices. Our team combines extensive industry knowledge with cutting-edge IT innovations to provide tailored solutions and products that seamlessly align with the preferences and behaviors of our users.

  • Custom Software Development
  • Ecommerce Development
  • Legacy Software Modernization
  • Software Product Development
  • Software Maintenance And Support
  • Web Portals Expertise

Software Consulting​

Our software consulting services encompass strategic planning, software enhancement implementation, and the provision of proficient resources for software development projects. We bring a wealth of expertise garnered from numerous successful ventures spanning a wide range of IT requirements.

  • Software Stack Evaluation
  • Software Architecture Assessment And Revamp
  • Software Evolution
  • Software Development Consultation
  • Team Enhancement
  • Establishing DevOps Practices
  • Business Process Assessment
  • Software Product Advisory
  • QA Process Establishment

Web Development

As a result of the internet era ruling the Information Technology Services, website becomes the need of the hour in any business. A well-designed, managed website is a symbol of brand promotion & professional presence reaching a wider audience across the globe.

Our web design & web portal services help you achieve the professional presence. This is done by providing you with the discoverable search engine friendly interfaces. Maestro provides a variety of options for maintaining your site such as add-ons, style changing and Content Management System. Using Maestro’s services enables you to stand out from the crowd by choosing us for web development services.


Mobile Applications

As the whole business world shifts to a mobile first (mobile app) strategy (i.e. Mobile App Development), it is only apt that we small and medium business adopt the same strategy. The mobile has made the world accessible in the palm of every user and as a business you have to be on it to capitalize on it.

At Maestro we provide end to end mobile application development to help business take advantage of the power and accessibility of a mobile device. We offer highly customizable, user friendly, secure and robust mobile applications development services that offer a myriad of functionalities across both Android and Ios mobile devices.


Enterprise Mobility solutions that empower

Mobility has emerged as the most disruptive technology faced by enterprises and corporates today. Mobile Technology has evolved from providing just Email and Data to providing access to applications and services that give employees flexibility and choice in turn increasing productivity. Enterprises and corporates are steadily adopting enterprise mobility to unleash the immense potential of mobility.

Our Enterprise Mobility services enable clients to create new mobility driven business processes, as well as define new business models. At Maestro Technologies we help businesses and enterprises untether their business from a fixed geographical location with our enterprise mobility solutions and further help them leverage data and run an effective field team. Maestro Technologies solutions provide a robust and complete real-time view of your business anytime, anywhere, on any device. Our solutions unlock immense value and operational efficiency and are a source of competitive advantage.

Business Applications

As small and medium size businesses grow, it is important to consider the scalability and sustainability of the business. Business Applications Development, Cloud and Web based ERP’s give companies access to their business critical transaction at any time from any location. But the problem is the difficulty in finding the perfect off the shelf business applications. It is because they are built for generic use cases. Hence, many small and medium business opt to build custom cloud based business applications. Here’s where the Business Applications Development is highly useful and efficient. 

Maestro Technologies specialises in developing customised web based accounting, business management and enterprise planning systems. The reason being that it requires only a web browser with a wide range of features suitable for any business. The team at Maestro can custom build an ERP system or business application as a result of its team and technology.

Amazon cloud- AWS Consulting and Implementation

Amazon, with its product AWS, is the leading provider of cloud hosting, database storage, computing power, and content delivery solutions.

Maestro Technology Solutions specializes in implementing and managing applications and services that are efficient and scalable on the Amazon AWS platform. Our team of experienced professional consultants is proficient in proven best practices in cloud IT infrastructure. Our AWS consulting services help maximize our client’s investments in the cloud and thereby increasing the efficiency, value, and benefit of their applications. 

Devops Automation for efficient delivery

It is an integrated approach to software delivery. This brings together development and operations. The way is to manage lifecycle of an application or IT service. Also, it enables resolving issues on the fly during development.

Devops and Agile Development are complementary. This also enables frequent releases.

Maestro Technology Services consulting services help enterprises, SMEs and Startups align their development, operations, and deployment to achieve highly efficiency. Meanwhile, faster delivery is done while ensuring a better quality of the application or software. We identify emerging issues faster. Maestro makes sure that at any point in time the build and code base are in a state of continuous release.

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Welcome to Maestro 2cents!

Discover the most recent trends and stay informed about all the essential updates in the realms of web and technology.

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