Business Applications

Tracking your business functionality or knowing your business profitability takes time with conventional methods. With our customizable business applications, we not only understand your business needs bust also provide you with the trustworthy and reliable source for all your processes. We are specialised in developing customisable accounting, business management and enterprise planning systems.

We simplify operations for your business with scalable solutions at lower cost and quick turn around time

Maestro technology services is a well experienced web development company. We have to tell you one thing about website development and how the internet has democratized information and leveled the playing field for everyone. With a well-designed and managed website, everyone can project their brand. It has a professional presence to a much wider audience across the globe. Our web design and development services let clients discover you online through a search engine. Our services provide friendly design and development, mobile ready interface and pleasing design. We owe our genesis to web design and web portal services. Maestro technology is a pioneer in helping clients develop a professional web presence. Thus, the web presence enables attain all the clients desired business objectives.

With our proprietary Content Managed website, you can organise and categorise the information. This is important to showcase your business. with options for a wide range of add ons, change styling, and create an unlimited number of pages, add / edit content or upload documents and promotional material.


Some process that you can automate with a Business Application software are

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Inventory
  • Procurement
  • Accounting
  • Logistics

Maestros custom developed Business Application softwares have the following advantages

  • Fast, web-based, integrated business administration and enterprise planning software due to our servers.
  • Faster deployment and adoption since installation of hardware and software on servers or user devices is not required.
  • Platform Independent with no reliance on any propriety technologies and platforms as we own the technologies and platforms that are used.
  • Easily readable and modifiable by any other IT developer as result of our coding as per a template. We provide complete knowledge transfer and documentation of coding as per template.