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Who We Are

Maestro Technology is more than just an information technology company. We bring clients cross platform integrated solutions that work at the intersection of Technology, Innovation and Business. We understand the importance of Information Technology and its strategic role as a key driver of a Corporate’s Business. With firm footing in the areas of E-Business Consulting, Application Development, Software Engineering and Mobile, Maestro has been and will continue providing customer centric solutions.

Why us?

  • A Highly motivating stewardship that out smart’s all competition.
  • Our out of the box thinking that comes up with ideas defining the future.
  • A development perspective fueled by an ingenious organic work environment.
  • An unbridled creative process enabling us to dream with open eyes.
  • A competence for employing talent devoid of boundaries and work place prejudice.


Coding Standards | Web design company

Coding Standards

We religiously follow renowned coding standards and best practices to ensure we deliver top of the line software to our clients. Following standards puts us in the top league and makes life easier for us and the client.
Documentation | Software development company


Our standard documentation procedure ensures ease of knowledge transfer, better understanding of the software and underlying code. We also update and customize the documentation to suit our clients specific requirements.
Scalable and Extendable | ios development

Scalable and Extendable

Following rigorous standards adds immense scalability options to our software offerings. The solutions we provide can be scaled to suit and number of users or traffic and functionalities can be easily extended for any scenario
Great Support | e-commerce Development

Great Support

Our team is on standy to support the client is any way possible. Our team is dedicated, committed and support oriented and we take pride in contributing to the success of the clients journey.
SME and Startup Friendly | enterprise mobility

SME and Startup Friendly

Maestro Technologies is passionate about working with startups and entrepreneurs to realize their dream. Our pricing and execution models are very friendly towards Startups and SMEs to give peace of mind for entrepreneurs and businessmen
Proven Offshore Delivery Model | rescue projects

Proven Offshore Delivery Model

As a five year old company delivering exceptional software to clients across the globe,we have a proven offshore delivery model. We leverage people, process and technology to ensure that delivery takes place seamlessly across geographies and time.

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