Web Development

Tracking your business functionality or knowing your business profitability takes time with conventional methods. With our customizable business applications, we not only understand your business needs bust also provide you with the trustworthy and reliable source for all your processes.

Put your business on the global map

Maestro technology services is a well experienced web development company. We have to tell you one thing about website development and how the internet has democratized information and leveled the playing field for everyone. With a well-designed and managed website, everyone can project their brand. It has a professional presence to a much wider audience across the globe. Our web design and development services let clients discover you online through a search engine. Our services provide friendly design and development, mobile ready interface and pleasing design. We owe our genesis to web design and web portal services. Maestro technology is a pioneer in helping clients develop a professional web presence. Thus, the web presence enables attain all the clients desired business objectives.

With our proprietary Content Managed website, you can organise and categorise the information. This is important to showcase your business. with options for a wide range of add ons, change styling, and create an unlimited number of pages, add / edit content or upload documents and promotional material.

Custom Application Development

With a focus on problem solving, we take up clients business challenges. Our passion helps deliver custom software solutions to streamline and solve clients problems.


Content Management System (CMS)

Content Management system is extremely handy when business owners want to update the website contents and graphics on their own without technical help. Websites that have the need to frequently update content like news sections, FAQs, Blogs, Press and Media Sections or frequently introduce new services and products will benefit from a Content managed website.

At Maestro we offer our clients the flexibility choosing an Open Source Content Management System. WordPress or Joomla offer a host of options and plugins to extend functionality or own simple, straight forward proprietary CMS. We understand the need of the client and the purpose of the website to suggest an optimum solution for them.

Ecommerce Development

Our Team has delivered multiple E-commerce portals for various clients ranging from single product portals, multi-vendor portals to Bidding portals across the globe.


MEAN Stack Development

The World of Technology is rapidly changing. Everyday new technologies are introduced and new programming languages are developed. Thus, it serves a particular need or address a gap that older languages did not. Various Frame works are also developed and released to extend these languages. Therefore, this provides an easier developing environment. MEAN Stack Development is the latest technology stack that is choice of programmers and developers worldwide at the moment to build quick, scalable and functional prototypes

Custom Social Media Apps

The need to develop private or closed Social Media Apps is important. This is needed to develop an ecosystem around a business services or product. The need may also to extend data and integration with existing social media platforms. Custom Social media apps development and integration is a niche service. At Maestro, we have extensive experience in development and UI/UX approach to build such apps and intergrations.


UI and UX development

Web interfaces have matured since the invention of the World Wide Web. Today customers expect ease of access and visibility of information they are looking. Hence taking into account the demography of the customers and use cases when designing and developing websites and application is very critical. A badly designed website or application can do more damage than if it didn’t exist at all.

At Maestro our experienced designers not only look at aesthetics of the website or web application, but also take into account the needs of the users and the use cases. Our team has extensive experience in design complex workflows and process.

API services (json, oauth)

Connectivity between two different application or systems is a critical factor for seamless functioning of the process. A business may have multiple system, developed by multiple vendors functioning across business functions. Interconnecting them is important to take advantage of all of these systems. At Maestro we specialise in developing Application programming interfaces to connect a variety of systems. Therefore, fetch or push data from one system to another happens. We have worked across a variety of platform with complex needs. We primarily use json and oauth for our API development.


Custom boat with voice recognition

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the a page when looking at its layout. The point of using of letters, as opposed to using ‘Content here, content here’, making it look like readable English. Many desktop publishing packages and web page editors now