KTM Jewellery





Web and Mobile App



Partnership Period

Jan 2022 to Present

Team Size

4 Experts


KTM Jewellery aims to digitize their gold chit schemes, allowing customers to subscribe, make payments, and manage details through a customer mobile app. Collection agents use an employee app to collect payments , while an admin portal manages schemes, payments, and collection reports.

Key Stakeholders involved

  • Customers: Subscribes to chit schemes, makes payments, and manages details through the customer mobile app.
  • Collection Agents: Uses the employee mobile app to collect payments and create new customers with subscribing to new schemes.
  • Admins: Manage chit schemes, customer data, payments, and collection report through the admin web portal.


  • The custom-built applications (customer app, employee app, admin portal) are developed and operational.
  • Mobile apps are available on the respective app stores.
  • Employees are trained on using the employee app.
  • Admins have access to the admin web portal.

Main Flow

Customer Mobile App:
  • Customer installs the mobile app and creates an account or logs in.
  • Customer views available chit schemes, selects desired plans, and subscribes to them.
  • Customer can request for the product demo from the nearest branch.
  • Customer views upcoming payments, due dates, and outstanding amounts.
  • Customer makes payments using preferred payment methods (online banking, cards, UPI).
  • Customer receives payment confirmation in the app.
Employee Mobile App:
  • Collection agent logs into the employee app.
  • Agent views the list of customers due for payments and schedules visits.
  • Agent visits customers, collects cash payments, and updates payment details in the app.
  • Agents can create new customers with subscribing to new schemes
  • Agent enters OTP sent to the customer’s mobile number to verify payment.
Admin Web Portal:
  • Admin logs into the web portal with authorized credentials.
  • Admin manages chit scheme details, creates new schemes, and updates existing ones.
  • Admin views and manages customer data, including subscriptions, payments, and contact information.
  • Admin monitors chit scheme payment statuses and scheme closure status.
  • Admin can preclose the customer schemes.
  • Admin can manage the customer product demo requests.
  • Admin views and analyzes collection data for efficiency.

Alternative Flows

  • If a customer faces technical issues with the app, they can opt for manual payment at the jewelry store.
  • If a collection agent’s app malfunctions during payment collection, they record the payment manually and report the issue.

Technology used

  • React, React Native, Python, MySQL , Nginx

Post Conditions

  • Customer payments are recorded and updated in the system.
  • Admin monitors chit scheme statuses and collection agent activities.

Business Impact

  • Enhanced Customer Convenience: Customers can easily subscribe to and manage chit schemes from the comfort of their homes.
  • Efficient Payment Collection: Collection agents can securely collect payments, reducing the need for customers to visit stores./li>
  • Improved Data Management: Admins can monitor chit scheme statuses, customer payments, and agent efficiency in real-time.
  • Customer Engagement: The customer app facilitates engagement through notifications and updates about chit schemes.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Data collected from the apps and web portal can provide insights for better decision-making.

Related Use Cases

  • Payment Gateway Integration: The system integrates with secure payment gateways to facilitate online payments.
  • Customer Support: A support is in place to assist customers with app-related issues.
  • Scheme Closure Process: Application manages the process of closing chit schemes when they reach completion.


  • Customers have access to smartphones and the internet.
  • Collection agents have smartphones with the employee app installed.
  • Payment methods available in the customer app are secure and reliable.
  • Customers receive OTP verification for payment authentication.
  • The web application can handle the required scale of data management.

Future Considerations

  • Enhanced Analytics: Incorporate advanced analytics to provide insights into customer behavior, scheme performance, and agent efficiency.
  • Biometric Authentication: Explore adding biometric authentication for enhanced security during OTP verification.
  • Integration with CRM: Integrate customer relationship management (CRM) tools to enhance customer engagement.
  • Automated Notifications: Implement notifications for upcoming payments, scheme updates, and successful payments.
  • Expansion to Web: Develop a web version of the customer app for users who prefer desktop access.