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Having a custom-built hardware to connect the unconnected has always made the human’s life easy and industries to solve their production challenges effectively. With a decade of IT experiences, we understood simple hardware that feeds data directly to the software is always perfect than the human and we trust the perfect data is always a key to the perfect solution.

Let’s make the factories smart. We create IIoT ecosystems that help the data to be stored on the cloud, analyzed, and give actionable insights. Our smart factory solutions can optimize the manufacturing process and help achieve effective utilization of resources. 

Maestro’s dedicated IoT hardware development team is always available to create a solution for any complex needs. Which includes

At Maestro Technology Services, we are reimagining IoT as more than just a solution; we view it as a service – “IoT as a Service.” This approach has brought about a significant transformation in various industries, delivering tangible benefits through improved connectivity, data analytics, and automation. Here are some compelling statistics that underscore the advantages of IoT in Fleet Management, Power & Equipment Rental Services, Supply Chain, Shop Floor Automation, IIOT, Smart Cities, Agriculture, and Environmental Monitoring.

Fleet Management

  • IoT-enabled fleet management systems can reduce fuel consumption by up to 15% and maintenance costs by up to 30%.
  • Real-time fleet tracking through IoT can optimize routes increasing the efficiency of fleet operations by 25%.

Power Rental Services

  • IoT-driven predictive maintenance can reduce downtime by 45%, ensuring power generators are operational when needed.
  • IoT-enabled power rental equipment can improve fuel efficiency by 20%, saving costs and reducing environmental impact.

Supply Chain

  • IoT can reduce inventory holding costs by up to 25% by providing real-time visibility into stock levels and movement.
  • Supply chain digitization through IoT can lead to a 10-20% reduction in logistics costs.
  • IoT-powered retail and inventory management can reduce out-of-stock items by 50% and increase sales by 5-10%.

Shopfloor Automation

  • IoT-driven automation can improve manufacturing efficiency by 20-50% by optimizing processes and reducing downtime.
  • IoT-based quality control can reduce defects by 30%, leading to substantial cost savings.
  • Predictive maintenance using IoT can reduce maintenance costs by 10-40% and decrease unplanned downtime by 50%

Sources: Fleet Complete, GE Digital, McKinsey & Deloitte

Industrial IoT (IIoT)

  •  By monitoring and optimizing machinery and processes, IIoT can reduce downtime by 50% and increase productivity by 20%.

Smart Cities

  •  By monitoring and optimizing machinery and processes, IIoT can reduce downtime by 50% and increase productivity by 20%.

Environmental Monitoring

  • IoT sensors contribute to early pollution detection, helping to prevent environmental damage. Air quality monitoring, for instance, can reduce premature deaths by up to 15%.


  • Precision farming with IoT sensors and drones can boost crop yields by 10-20% while reducing water usage by 30%.

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