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Simple software solutions for complex needs

We aim to be a one stop vendor for all software and IT related services for SME’s and Startups. We provide a host of services covering every need. Almost 75% of our clients choose us for a second engagement because of the range of services and dept of our expertise in Software development and design. Whether it’s a business website, custom application development, testing and quality assurance,developing APIs or Automating your development lifecycle with devops Maestro Technology services has you covered.

Web Development, webdesign, website development in india

Web Development

Custom Application Development, Content Management System (CMS), Ecommerce Development, MEAN Stack Development, Custom Social Media Apps, UI and UX development, Custom web services (json, oauth), Custom bot with voice recognition..

enterprise mobility solutions, world best enterprise mobility

Enterprise Mobility

Mobility has emerged as the most disruptive technology faced by enterprises and corporates today. Mobile Technology has evolved from providing just Email and Data to providing acess to applications and services that give employees flexibility and choice in turn increasing productivity.

mobile application, android app development, ios app development

Mobile Applications

As the whole business world shifts to a mobile first strategy, it is only apt that we small and medium business adopt the same strategy. The mobile has made the world accessible in the palm of every user and as a business you have to be on it to capitalize on it.

ecommerce Development, online shop development, ecomm sites development

E-commerce Development

Today’s world wide web is not limited to finding information online or networking with people, but has expanded by offering products and services at customers door step. A robust and user-friendly Ecommerce website is the foundation for such an online business be it B2C or B2B.

digital marketing consulting, modern business

Digital marketing consulting

In the age of Social Media and Mobile, Digital Marketing is the preferred means to reach your clients in a highly targeted manner. As a modern business, be it B2B or B2C it is impossible to stay relevant in todays market without the right Digital media presence and marketing.

business applications development

Business Applications Development

As Small and Medium size business grow, it is important to scale their business productivity. It is here that Business Applications and Cloud and Web based ERP’s give companies access to their business critical transaction at any time from any location.

amazon aws consulting and implementation, aws consulting

Amazon AWS Consulting and implementation

Amazon is the leading provider of cloud hosting, database storage, computing power and content delivery solutions. It is the leading platform of choice for Application and services that need elasticity and high scalability.

rescue projects

Rescue Projects

Is your Software development in need of resuce? Do you feel your IT project is stuck halfway through? Is it constantly missing deadlines? Was the project poorly-executed with bad development or design?

devops implementation and consulting

DevOps implementation and consulting

Devops is an integrated approach to software delivery that brings together development and operations to manage life cycle of an application or IT service and enables resolving issues on the fly during development. Devops and Agile Development are complementary and enables frequent releases.