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Information Technology Services designed to help you grow your business, increase your ROI and stream line operations

Simple software solutions for complex needs

Our services introduce you to the best of Information Technology Services  by understanding your unique requirements & challenges. We deliver you with the right tool, management & expertise throughout your journey. Maestro has a wide of solutions ranging from developing websites, APIs, custom application development to IOT & Bot Technology. Due to our wide range of services and huge customer support almost 75% of our clients chose us for a second engagement. As a result of all the services, Maestro has partnered with Amazon to provide AWS consulting & implementing services.

Web Development, webdesign, website development in india

Web Development

As a result of the internet era ruling the Information Technology Services, website becomes the need of the hour in any business. A well-designed, managed website is a symbol of brand promotion & professional presence reaching a wider audience across the globe. Our web design & web portal services help you achieve the professional presence. This is done by providing you with the discoverable search engine friendly interfaces. Maestro provides a variety of options for maintaining your site such as add-ons, style changing and Content Management System. Using Maestro services enables you to stand out from the crowd by choosing us for web development services.

enterprise mobility solutions, world best enterprise mobility

Enterprise Mobility

Worried about communication between teams, conceptualizing outputs and progresses? Enterprise Mobility is the solution. It is nothing but a modern technology used to automate processes and data exchange in manufacturing technologies. Our main focus is to automate your organization’s business process thereby giving you faster and easy access to data.

mobile application, android app development, ios app development

Mobile Applications

Mobile apps play a major role in the company’s progress by providing high-end services. These are best suited for industries that need automation of their internal processes. It helps to enhance the business process and saves time. We offer highly customizable, robust, user-friendly and secure mobile apps

ecommerce Development, online shop development, ecomm sites development

E-commerce Development

E-Commerce share on retail sales rises year-on-year globally. It is the fastest growing market in India with the highest annual growth rate. Do you have a spark of launching a digital selling venture or thinking about revamping your site? We are here for you. Maestro serves you with completely responsive, device independent and multi- vendor e-commerce portals. These will ensure that you use our services for your future needs as well.

digital marketing consulting, modern business

Digital marketing consulting

Connect with the customers builds the trust in your services & brand. It is done using the digital media, an asset to business’s online branding. We have been blessed with the new age marketing tool which reach millions at your fingertips. Unbelievable right? Maestro gives you a hand in building your online branding. Digital marketing consulting services will support in your online promotions, SEO and maximises your brand value.

business applications development

Business Applications Development

Tracking your business functionality or knowing your business profitability takes time with conventional methods. With our customizable business applications, we not only understand your business needs bust also provide you with the trustworthy and reliable source for all your processes. We are specialised in developing customisable accounting, business management and enterprise planning systems. Automate all your business processes and don’t forget to choose Maestro for it.

amazon aws consulting and implementation, aws consulting

Amazon AWS Consulting and implementation

Wondering about the IT infrastructure for your business and planning it for months? Don’t have second thoughts on approaching us for procuring your servers and building them. Partnering with Amazon, our experts will guide you on AWS (Amazon Web Service) that results in you reducing capital infrastructure expenses. With Maestro by your side, your business will have the best support in cloud hosting, database storage, computing power and content delivery systems. We weren’t kidding when we said we haven’t left no stone unturned. Let’s grow together.

rescue projects

Rescue Projects

Is your Software development in need of rescue? Do you feel your IT project is stuck halfway through? Is it constantly missing deadlines? Was the project poorly-executed with bad development or design? The answer to this question is that our Information Technology Services solution of RESQ can be used to rescue the software in distress.

devops implementation and consulting
The Information Solutions used in Devops implementation and consulting.

DevOps implementation and consulting

Need a hand in developing process? Do you feel your IT project is stuck halfway through? Fixing bugs and glitches consumes a lot of time. As a result, it pushes you back in the competitive market. That’s when DevOps comes into action. DevOps approach can pep up your software delivery and accelerate your business innovation. As a result, DevOps is one for the future. Maestro’s DevOps consulting and implementation services help enterprises to accelerate of your IT development lifecycle, innovate faster, reduce timelines and deliver quality products.