Industrial IOT

Unlocking new data-driven capabilities

IOT Development service

Having a custom-built hardware to connect the unconnected is always made the human’s life easy and industries to solve their production challenges effectively. With a decade of IT experiences, we understood simple hardware that feeds data directly to the software is always perfect than the human and we trust the perfect data is always a key to the perfect solution.

Let’s make the factories smart. We create IIoT ecosystems that help the data to be stored on the cloud, analyzed, and give actionable insights. Our smart factory solutions can optimize the manufacturing process and effective resource utilization.

Maestro’s dedicated IOT hardware development team is always available to create a solution for any complex needs. Which includes

  • Feasibility study
  • Solution architecture
  • Hardware selection
  • Technology stack selection
  • Firmware development
  • Prototyping
  • Software deployment
  • Cloud setup
  • Production design
  • Production & assembly
  • Certification
  • Cloud management

Communication protocols familiar with


  • Http(s)
  • Websockets
  • TCP
  • MQTT


  • RS-232, RS-422
  • RS-423, RS-485
  • SPI, CAN
  • Modbus

Micro controllers & modems

  • ARM
  • PIC
  • ATtention (AT)

Firmware technologies

  • Arduino
  • Embedded – C
  • Python
  • Raspberry pi